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Social Media Marketing is one of the best tools for communicating with your customers. We will bring the online presence you need to succeed. By creating a social media content strategy, you'll always know what your customers need, how they react to specific activities. STARMAN’s experienced creative brains, together with you, will use specific strategies to address your customer's behavior and provide the service they’re looking for, so we can satisfy their needs.

Develop Brand Awareness services

Develop Brand Awareness (Followers)

Developing brand awareness means that more people recognize your brand. Your targeted audience should be familiar with the product or service you sell. As long as you’re getting more popular, you’ll have more followers, referrals, and engagement. We could run a campaign that will increase brand awareness by promoting a new product or reviving an older brand.

Build Relationships services

Build Relationships (Engagement)

It’s important to build a strong connection with your customers, they should feel the brand, so they’re more likely to buy from you. STARMAN could increase engagement rate, the more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increasing Website Exposure services

Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic & Conversions)

Besides brand awareness and increasing engagement, social media has another purpose – it can drive leads to your website to increase sales! We develop social media advertising campaigns that drive a high volume of traffic to your website.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Advertising Services

When you create a new Facebook page, you need advertising to increase followers. It’s very hard for a new page to get organic engagement at first, so Facebook advertising services help you to gain followers instantly. Also, advertising on Facebook is widely used in already established businesses. By advertising your content on Facebook, you can get more engagement, more leads, more messages, and increase sales.

Twitter Advertising Services

Twitter Advertising Services

Advertising on Twitter has different benefits. Twitter is good for getting leads, engagement rate, and achieving strong business results. Twitter Ads offers 20+ product options to showcase your content and media in the best format possible. There’s no minimum spend required, which is a great advantage.

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram is another great place to advertise your content. Instagram users are different from any other social media users, so you need special content and advertising materials to showcase your brand. STARMAN is a company that knows how to communicate with different platforms and creates designs that catch your eyes.

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn Advertising Services

On LinkedIn, it’s very important to have a solid brand presence so people can notice and feel your brand. It’s the #1 B2B platform, so your brand needs to have an exceptional look. LinkedIn advertising generates leads, drives website traffic, and builds brand awareness.

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